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RSE-PTC-13C Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine(Open mouth)

RSE-PTC-13C Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine(Open mouth)

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RSE-PTC-13C Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine(Open mouth)

  • Using the dual role of the standard cylinder drive.
  • The crimping and crimping speed with high efficiency and high-quality benefits.
  • Very suitable for medium and large number of terminal crimping use.
  • Used in computer terminals, DC terminals, AC terminal, single grain terminals.
  • Lightweight structure, easy to move in the workplace.
  • Very little noise ,improving the work surrounding.


Model:                    RSE-PTC-13C (Pneumatic Crimping Machine)
Function:                Crimping single grain cars, microwave ovens and other wiring harness plug-in terminals
Capacity:                 about 3500 PCS / hour
Crimping capacity:    1.3 tons
Control:                  pneumatic source control
Air pressure             0.4-1 Mpa
Dimension:              200X220X250 (mm)
Weight:                  4kg
For terminals, according to the terminal may be, to play a special terminal, the need to replace the mold (Chuck)


die 1, a foot valve, pipe 2

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.


         RSE-PTC-13C Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine(Open mouth).PDF

Quality and service:
(A) the machine for one year free maintenance for life insurance (except wearing parts).
(B) the use of air power source for industrial machinery.
(C) the machine can support a variety of models Die (Chuck).
(D) The Company provides training, installation, tuning, maintenance, repair one-stop service
(E) 6 months regular follow-up maintenance, machine parts and inventory to provide a safe tool.

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