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RSM-AL-1500 Automatic labeling machine

RSM-AL-1500 Automatic labeling machine

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RSM-AL-1500 Automatic labeling machine

  • Exquisite Design , compact structure and very practical.
  • Full computer control, debugging is more convenient and quick.
  • Automatic positioning, feeding, peeling and joint label on the wire.
  • High operation speed with label fitting precision,high efficiency.

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Model RSM-AL-1500

Function                                 Positioning wire, wire feeding , label  feeding ,label peeling,label joint

Processing Capability                1500 pcs/h

Processing range                     Label length Max. 100 mm, Min.25mm; Label width Max. 50 mm (can be customized) ,Min.10mm

Suitable wire length                Min.100mm

Suitable wire diameter             Max 5mm (RSM-AL-1500A); Max.10mm,Min.4mm (RSM-AL-1500B)

processing Material                  PVC , PET,  PP,etc

Fitting accuracy                      ±≤0.3 mm

Air pressure                           5-6 KGF  (need to use the clean and dry air)

Power                                   AC 220V 50/60HZ Single phase

Detection Device                    No label detective, without wire detective

Dimension                              760 w x 600L X 1100 H mm

Weight                                  150  KG

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.



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