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RSE-WCS-026S Sheathed Cable Stripping Machine

RSE-WCS-026S Sheathed Cable Stripping Machine

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RSE-WCS-026S Sheathed Cable Stripping Machine


Special design for the shealthed cable, the max O.D. is up to 10mm.

Also can apply for power line, audio cable, USP cable, data cable , telephone cable.

Can strip both outer jacket and inner insulation of the flat cable at the same time.

200 pieces of menmories make the mulitiple processing demands easier.


Model                                   RSE-WCS-026S

Display                                 Chinese/English LCD interface

Application                           PVC, Teflon, glass fiber cable , electric cable

Capability Range                   OD ≤ 10mm

Stripping Length                   Front End 0-50mm, Rear End 0-40mm

                                          Front End 1- 500mm  Rear End 1-50mm (Customized)

Cutting Length                     1-99999.9 mm

Tolerance                            0.002 X L mm    L= Cutting Length

Intermediate Strip                ≤16

Productivity                         2000-5000pcs

Conduit I.D.                        1.8-11mm ??

Power                                 AC 215V-235V/50 HZ , 120W-200W

Weight                                32kg

Dimension                           L420 X W400 X H320 mm

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.



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