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RSE-LL-100A Tube Cutting Machine

RSE-LL-100A Tube Cutting Machine

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RSE-LL-100A Tube cutting machine
  • Adopts digital intelligent control device, button operation
  • Can be set arbitrary cut length/quantity, feeding speed at the same time
  • High accurate cutting precision, less consumption, aircraft design accord with human body engineering principle, easy to operate.
Mainly applicable to fastening belt, cotton belt, elastic band, ribbon, plastic belt, double-sided tape, zipper, PVC casing, per-fusion tube, heat shrinkable sleeve, fiberglass pipe, iron spaghetti sleeving, platoon line, small wire, enameled wire, conductive fabric/foam, battery separator, electrodes, nickel film, diffusion film, mica sheet, plastic sheet, reflective film, mylar, insulating paper, adhesive paper, from the type of paper, fast Pakistani paper, voice coil paper, PE, copper/aluminum foil, tin copper strip, sheet metal,etc.

Model:                                     RSE-LL-100A
Control Device:                         DSP program board
Voltage:                                  AC215V - 235 V ≦ 50 hZ
Display :                                  192 * 64 LCD display blue screen
Power:                                    100 W
Language:                               Chinese and English
Step precision of feeding:         0.03 MM
Blade material :                        DC53 dragon steel
Batch quantity:                        99999
Pressure adjustment:                 Roller pressure regulation
Cutting width:                         1-100 mm
Cutting length:                        0.2-99999.9 mm
Net weight ˙                           45 KGS,
Gross weight                           55 KGS
Dimension:                              L400 mm * W380 mm *W420 mm

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.


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