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RSM-TC-3000 Auto connection terminal machine

RSM-TC-3000 Auto connection terminal machine

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RSM-TC-3000 Auto connection terminal machine

  • SPT-1.SPT-2,NISPT-1.NISPT-2,VFF,HVFF,VCTFK,,H03VVH2-F,H05VVH2-F,RVV(It can't be commonly used for single and double insulation cables).
  • Description for product: Wire stripping and pressure connection are completed once for all. 
  • Equipped with automatic oil feed unit, 3-5 labors are saved compared with original operating mode, with advantage of reducing accidents, saving labor, improving output and being safe and environmentally friendly.


Model                                              RSM-TC-3000

Pressure connection speed                 2200-2400PCS/Hour

Punching force                                 3T 

Voltage                                           AC220V/50HZ

Wire stripping size                             20mm 

Weight                                            280KG

Dimension                                        970mm*550mm*1350mm    

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.


         RSM-TC-3000 Auto connection terminal machine.PDF

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