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RSM-TP-80E Tube Printer

RSM-TP-80E Tube Printer

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RSM-TP-80E Tube Printer

  • English operation interface with English spelling input functions, another location input method for choosing, input English, numbers, symbols etc to achieve various edits.
  • Large white backlight LCD can display 7-line-and-2-column input contents. Each line can display 14 English letters or 7 Chinese character symbols.
  • Push-to-Talk (PTT) can generate various functions with only one key to operate conveniently.
  • Truly international and standard 85-key English notebook computer with a full keyboard.
  • When there is any switch on/off and any error operation, the machine will send a ticking sound to prompt.
  • RSM-TP-80E tube printer can realize the automatic nip function of print head and the automatic half/full cutting functions.
  • Supvan fonts and TTF are very beautiful so as to make the printing effect be clear more.
  • The unique setting of test key may be convenient for you to monitor the machine status and accept the machine performances.
  • The unique setting of cursor print key may realize the print of contents between any two line intervals in file.
  • The powerful built-in file memory capacity may memory 200 different files for easy calls at any time.
  • Supvan high-speed computer tube printer TP80E can be connected to any computer. Supvan software has a fully new man-machine engineering interface with powerful functions. It is suitable for Windows 2000/XP/Win 7 operating system and can realize independent operations on the work site. It can be used as a dual-purpose machine.
  • It has a portable design and is suitable for use on various occasions.
  • It has a hard suitcase to protect the tube printer effectively.
  • It is equipped with three ribbons including black, red and white ones.

Model                                                           RSM-TP- 80E
Printing method                                             Thermal transfer
Resolution                                                      300 dpi
Printing speed                                                Tube:40pcs/min,20mm/pcs
Label:                                                           40pcs/min,20mm/pcs
Ink Ribbon Black:                                            100m,White:80m,Red:80m
Input modes                                                  Alphanumeric, Symbol, Chinese character input
Character size                                                 Label:1-7
Tube:                                                           1-5
Repeat                                                          1-200
Media cutting method                                     Automatic half-cutting, Automatic full-cutting
Styles                                                           Bold, Italic, Underline, Shadow, Outline, Superscript, Subscript,
                                                                   Border,  Border with  Shade, Horizontal and Vertical Printing
Tape type Tube,                                            Heat shrink tube, Label
Keyboard                                                       85 keys standard keyboard
Dimension                                                     (L×W×H) 320mm×280mm×100mm
Weight                                                         3.2kg(printer only)
Power supply                                               AC adapter(Input voltage: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz)
Display White back light                                  LCD display; Double column display,5 lines editing is possible
Memory size                                                 200 Files ,200 paragraph/File, (12,000,000 characters maximum)
Operating environment                                  15℃-35℃
PC interface                                                 USB2.0 Full-Speed, Professional editing software
Tube PVC tube                                            Φ0.5-Φ6mm,
Heat shrink tube                                          Φ0.5-Φ6mm
Label Exclusive cassettes                               (White, yellow, sliver)
Widths:                                                       6mm, 9mm,12 mm.Length:16m

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.


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