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RSE-TW-500 Tape Winding Machine

RSE-TW-500 Tape Winding Machine

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RSE-TW-500 Tape Winding Machine

  • Used to wrap the inner conductors,can bound conductive cloth, acetate cloth, electrical tape.
  • Suitable for wrapping the cable with the length no more than 1000 mm , meanwhile ,diameter between 2-16 mm, the corrugated pipe can also be wrapped.
  • Clamping on both ends of the wire, automatic winding conductive cloth. the productivity is twice of the artificial, for more than 20 cm cable/wire effect is obvious.
  • 500-700 pcs /day, can be wrapped with the wire length 700mm. (8 hours for a working day )

Warm tips: You can get the PDF file of this machine by clicking the Download button,also you can see the video by clicking the Video button.


Model: RSE-TW-500

Applicable:                              tape winding

turntable bearing:                   10 (kg)

turntable diameter:                 100 (mm)

Packing height:                      180 (mm)

turntable height:                    160 (mm)

turntable speed:                     1800 (r/m)

Power:                                  0.06 (kw),

voltage:                                 220 (V)

weight:                                 10 (kg)

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.


         RSE-TW-500 Tape Winding Machine.PDF

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