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RSM-CWS-8515 Coaxial wire Stripping Machine

RSM-CWS-8515 Coaxial wire Stripping Machine

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RSM-CWS-8185 Coaxial wire Stripping Machine

  • Semi-automatic programmable multi-layer stripping machine for coaxial cable, triaxial cable, multi-conductor cable and single conductor cable.
  • The machine can easily deal with the outer diameter of 15mm, strip lengths up to 85mm coaxial and triaxial cable.
  • The machine is suitable for both small quantities, fast switching mold suitable for mass production, to provide maximum flexibility for your production and productivity.
  • The unique stripping head design combines universal stripping blades with a universal centering system.
  • RSM-CWS-8185 is capable of handling all types and the diameter of the cable, no need to replace the blade. Four knife stripping head is precision, guarantee unparalleled stripping quality and repeatable.


Model                                                   RSM-CWS-8185

Max cable diameter: up to 15mm;

cutting depth units:                                0.01mm;

maximum stripping length:                       85mm;

Maximum peeling layers:                          9 layers;

Drive:                                                   motor / ball screw drive;

Display:                                                Touch screen;

Blades:                                                  2

Material:                                               Swiss tungsten steel;

Centering tablets:                                   2,

Material:                                               high-speed steel;

clamp device:                                        self-aligning, motor drive, the clamping force program control;

productivity :                                        400-500 pcs / h (depending on the type and length of the cable);

Open:                                                 manual / sensor;

Voltage:                                              220V/50HZ

Power rate:                                         380W;

Weight:                                              25 KG;

Dimensions:                                         620 X335 X 218 mm;

working environment :                          0-50 degrees, dry, moderate, vibration-free work surface.

Tips: You can get the PDF format profile of the machine in this page by clicking the link here . If you need more of others, please go to the specific download page to obtain.


         RSM-CWS-8185 Coaxial wire Stripping Machine.PDF

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