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Usually , quotation we offer is FOB price, any other requirement please inform us.Quotation what we offer never be the lowest in the market ,but the most reasonable. If it is the first time you cooperate with RS, we would like offer 5% discunt,which is not suitable for the agents and distributors.


For the end customer

100% T/T in advance (Negotiable for the customized machine ,as the much longer delivery time)

For the agents or distributors

70% T/T in adavce, 30% before delivery or negotiable


Fully automatic cable processing equipment

a. 30 days after remittance (Available model)

b. Negotiable (Customized machine)

Semi-automatic cable processing equipment

a. 10-15 days after remittance (Available model)

b. Negotiable (Customized machine)

Laser equipment

a. 30days after remittance

b. Negotiable (Customized machine)

Optional Equipment

a. 10-15 days after remittance.

b. Negotiable (Customized machine)


7-10days after remittance


Usually products will be packaged by fiber wooden case, which reinforce by metal plate. The shipping mark will be pasted on the surface of the case.

Any special requirement ,should be mentioned.


Usually , our customer are willing to choose air transport or Express such as DHL, EMS.


1 year warranty, whole life maintenance

Misuse or artificial damage is not the warranty scope.

Quick wear part is not the warranty scope, such as the blades, which will be defined in the operation manual.


Wire cutting and stripping machine

If the material of the cable/wire is special , please provide the wire sample with the length 5-10 m.

Terminal crimping machine /Mould/Mold/Die/Mini applicator

Please provide us the sample terminal  and wire to customize the blades. Length of Linear terminal is 1m . Length of wire/cable is 5m.

Qty of loose terminal is 40-50 pieces.

Fully automatic terminal crimping machine

Length of linear terminal is 1 plate, Length of wire is 100 m,or negotiable.

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